Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Liberty Park

Been bouldering at Liberty Park in Spokane a lot in the last couple of weeks, fortunately I have a good pic from last year, here I am on Medieval Justice, a V10 that was FA'ed by Mike McClure a few years ago. All of the boulder problems at the park are really long (for bouldering) and physical. Not as much of the techy side of bouldering here. More of how hard you can pull down, which is rad because it really lets you see how strong you are getting. All of these problems felt easy this year, so I guess all the training paid off in the long run.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Polinski Par

September has been a strange month of climbing for me. Struggling on Progressive Discipline (14b) at Deep Creek, a route that showcases the strength of Mike McClure, I have been going to Liberty Park after or before every session to boulder on the fractured basalt. Urbna bouldering at its best here, a picturesque area of Spokane, Washington, ripe with teenage gangbangers, broken glass and the occasional pile of bum shit that has to be scraped out of the landing area for fear of contaminating an Organic pad.

The last two trips have left me empty-handed and frustrated, able to touch the holds with my feet low, but the compression is too much for my shoulders to bear with my feet up in the right place. Coming off of killing it in Riggins at the cave all summer with the possee, everyone sending, it is hard to fall off the same move over and over...almost feels like another Mandala.

Sanctuary is found at Liberty Park, a place that now is climbed out for me, but will still be frequented, as my girlfriend and other climbing partners have multiple projects there. I have been able to send boulder problems every time there, keeping my sanity level just barely out of the red. I just sent Walk the Earth(V10), a Mark Polinski FA and an ode to the bum reference in Pulp Fiction. Working on Progressive is going to be an ongoing battle that is fought over the next couple of months, hopefully less than that, as the temps go down the sending is always easier....more to come, and some bouldering photos from Reynolds Creek, and maybe a few pics of Mike and Tammy McClure's wedding that is going down on the 27th.