Saturday, September 19, 2009

Boulder City Photos

Boulder City photos for all the working people to drool over...that means you Mr. McWinemaker. Headed up Garnet Canyon tomorrow morning to check out the boulders...with a brush and pads!! Photos and vid soon.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Castle Rock Idaho and into the Great Beyond

Spent a few days at Castle Rock, mostly getting beat down, but thanks to Kaiya the two of us did not have to leave the place empty-handed. I had gone down there with the idea that I was going to send either the Smell of Africa V11/12 or the Bagpiper....and that I wouldn't even come close enough to Jared's Roof to spit on the start holds. Little did I know.

Kaiya on the only thing she didn't crush besides the Taco Arete, Pissy Pants V6/7

Didn't have enough power to do Smell of Africa, and kinda ended up getting unpsyched on Bagpiper after another 2 hours worth of straining to get out of a knee bar far enough to reach up above my head. About that time McClure asked if I wanted to try Jareds's Roof again. He ended up being almost more psyched than me when I finally after a good session got his ridiculous above the head pre-placed heel toe cam of death and destruction to work...and then I fell off trying to move my other foot. Here I am on my best go, falling at the crux of the V8 stand to Jared's Roof.

Coming in from the sit to Jared's Roof V11

But somebody finally after all these years used his beta, so his trip was made. I never sent, ran out of muscles and skin by the last day, but Kaiya turned out a pretty impressive performance over 4 climbing days.

Moss Toss V5 flash
Waxies Darble V6
Unnamed thing in the City V4

Waxies Darble Left Variation V7, Jeff Smith-pre puncture wound I think

Over the 6 days that we spent, managed to get to climb with some good friends from the Boise area, Steff Carter, Mike and Tammy McClure, and Jeff S(ucks) came out for a day and came really close to sending Waxies Darble Left. Mike put up 5 new problems, 3 on right hand side of the trail on the way to the Green Wall...super sick lines. Check em out!!

Kaiya flashing Moss Toss, her hardest flash yet at V5

Castle was great, have to get back there and send some of that stuff on the way back through in January....hopefully I can walk it like PAUL (OMG Tammy I love him). Right now we are chillin in Jackson, Wyoming, going out tomorrow and Sunday. Checked out new boulders up Garnet Canyon today and DAMN!!!!! A closer RMNP for the Idaho crew to hit in the summer methinks. Post some photos of that Sunday night and hopefully some video of some of the problems from the day. Headed to Rocky on Monday morning too, so psyched for that so til next time!!

Steff Carter killing the opening section of Waxies Darble, a send that she will definitely earn with blood and bruises

And everyone who reads this needs to send good feelers out to Dahlia Dawg, so she can beat the sickness like a BAWWSE!!