Friday, October 31, 2008


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New Pics

Make sure to check out the new pics of the Northwest bouldering and sport climbing, expecially the big photo of Polinski on Problem Child
Years ago at the U of I climbing gym, we used to session for hours on end, pushing each other to get stronger. At the head of the progressive climbing was a kid named Ben Carpenter. He gave up climbing about 4 years ago to devote more time to wood turning, which as with climbing, he gave it everything and excelled. Recently, over the last couple of years, he has made his way to the crag a few times, and ended up in Moscow again a few months ago. On Wednesday, Coty Gale and I managed to coerce him into coming up to Deep Creek, for a first trip for Coty, and might as well have been Ben's, he hasn't been there since 2003. I wanted to give Problem Child some goes, and Ben and Coty were going to try some of the other classics.

Ben hasn't lost anything in the way of technique, power is the only thing lacking now. He casually flashed Pit Lizzard, Coty sending it second go. I gave Problem Child 3 goes, the best being the last, when I made it through the lower part of the crux, and fell off a few moves short of joining up with Motley. Headed out to boulder at TumTum this weekend if the weather holds up, and as soon as possible a trip to Riggins to send some projects and meet up with the McClure's to finally give them their wedding present and boulder for a weekend. Problem Child and Progressive Discipline will have to wait till spring for me, unless the nice weather manages to continue for a long long time...

Sent the Four Horsemen (8A/8A+) at Liberty Park in Spokane the other day. It's mostly a training thing, doing two V10's and two V11's at the park in one session. I did them in probably 30-45 minutes, and all together it is some hard shit. Rad moves, got some photos that will be posted tonight, so stay tuned.