Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sawtooth Boulders

Finally got up to the boulders that Jeff Smith has been raving about for years now. Only a short drive from Boise, a 5.3 mile hike and you're there. Jeff and I went up for Saturday and I shot some photos of almost everything we tried. I sent the Prow, a MM problem that is one of the best I have been on since the Flame in Hueco. Jeff did a new line on a small boulder in the main area, no name or grade yet, I sent a problem near the Prow that is really good, in the 5-7 range, big moves and fairly good holds.

The first is Jeff on Camouflage, the second is Jeff on an unnamed ridiculously hard compression problem that neither of us could really even hold body positions. The last two are me on the compression line in the act of trying to do the first move, and Jeff on a new line he almost did on the boulder just uphill from there. Headed back next weekend to try some established stuff and find some new and amazing lines to try. We think the talus goes all the way up and over the ridge, and if it does....