Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some climbing, and no sending...

Kaiya and I have been taking it a bit easy of late...we both are working on some things that are really hard for us and the weather is Salt Lake is getting warm! No, bad temps! Go down! But it just keeps getting warmer.

I got a new job, again, framing houses that requires a 40 minute drive every day each way, so the whole climbing at LCC after work thing has kind of gone to shit lately. I have been training though, trying to send Spinal Twist, a Sharma problem (its not redtagged, I checked with Nalle) at the Gate Boulders. Kaiya has been working the Crystal Pinch and Supa Fly, both at the Gate and on the same boulder. Makes it easy for us to session.

Last week, I went out and shoveled off the two boulders that we needed dry 3 times, there was a total of probably 18" of snow that fell in 4 days up the canyon. We went out one of those days and the conditions were amazing, I managed to do all the moves on Spinal Twist, including the first 2 in row, which are the hardest, Kaiya did all the moves to Crystal Pinch and put some time into Supa Fly again. Here are a couple of shots of her on the Crystal Pinch...I think we are heading out Sunday evening to catch some cold temps, so maybe some photos of Spinal Twist.

As work picks up and summer gets into full swing, I will have less and less time to climb. Putting on bulk weight of muscle in all the wrong areas for climbing is frustrating as well, but necessary. I have a setup at work that converts overtime hours into vacation time. Every hour of overtime = 1.5 hours of vacation time, so by the end of summer i should have accumulated somewhere around a month of paid vacation. Get paid to go the Dirty South! Jyeah!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned for more from Sundays session