Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Plans, Future Sends and and Update

Since Kaiya and I left Moscow on the 28th of August, there have been some pretty interesting things going down.

We left on the premise that we would meet some friends John, Rob and Kate in Leavenworth for a weekend of bouldering, and then we would stay there for the rest of the week until the imminent arrival of Dave Matthews to the Gorge....little did we know. Two days after we got to Leavenworth, the best temps we had were in the 60's (at night), and Kaiya's health was deteriorating further, as she was losing her voice and feeling generally worse. I was starting to get sick, but still climbed for 3 days in a row. After the 4th day there, we both were so sick that we had to go to the doctor in town, I did, but Kaiya had to go to the ER cause of her crappy health insurance. After that, we kinda laid low for a couple of days (read: no climbing) and that was ok for me cause my skin could use a rest for a bit. By Thursday Kaiya was up and moving again, and climbing with me for the last couple days of our trip. In total, I managed to send some stuff that was really cool, a bunch of V7 and V8's, a problem called Is, right next to Was on the Straightaway Boulders, awesome problem where you end up with a left hand on a slopey crimp and left foot up really high, you take your right hand off the wall and get a little swing going before lunging to the right out of the flag position you were in to a jug and top out. Scariest part of all the climbs there is the lack of traffic leading to there not being any chalk on anything so the topouts are sometimes a lil' sketch.

We arrived in Seattle to replace the seals in the rear axle of the house, and on Thursday morning we are headed to Boise to go to Castle Rock to boulder and check out some new stuff there....maybe snag an FA or two if we can. More pics will come, but probably not too much video since we no longer have a camera to shoot vids with. Oh well, until we get to Castle there won't be too much to say, so until then...also gotta thank Josh Helke of Organic Climbing for hooking us up with the coolest pad EVER!!!! Peace and Happy Climbing

Monday, September 7, 2009

Leavenworth Video

Here is some vid of me on the Sleeping Lady, my buddy came down from Vancouver BC with his wife Meghan, and Riley shot some video of me, enjoy!

The Sleeping Lady from Mike Bockino on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Spent the last week in Leavenworth, Wa getting bronchitis, taking Kaiya to the ER cause her health insurance sucked, and then finally after all of that getting to climb for a few good days of temps. Rob, Kate and John Lipke joined us for the first weekend, and then we took a couple of days to get over the sickness, and a couple more days of climbing before we headed to Dave Matthews at the Gorge with our friends from Canada. The first two photos are Kaiya checking out and sending the Ferret, a super cool line at the Carnival Boulders in Icicle Canyon, and the other is me on the Sleeping Lady. Riley shot some vid of the Sleeping Lady and should have that up really soon, for now enjoy the new photos!

Kaiya gettin her beta all figured out for the send...

Thats our new pad in the background, Helke hooked it up badass, camo and hot pink!!

The last time we were here the Sleeping Lady was guarded by a pretty violent moat of whitewater, this time I braved the risk and pulled it out

For now we are in Seattle, going to a family reunion for Kaiya on Wed, and then off to Boise and Castle Rocks to kill the Bagpiper and the Green Wall!!