Thursday, March 18, 2010

Castle, Ibex, LCC and more!!

The last few weeks have been a bit quiet here, at least on the blog, apologies for that. Internet silence has not been congruent with a lack of climbing however. Kaiya and I have been up to Castle Rock with Anthony Txertudi and Pawel, down to Ibex with the Cahoons, McClures and Pawel again, and then just the other day, out to Little Cottonwood where we met some friends from the gym here in town.

So a quick rundown/update of what has happened in the past few weeks:

At Castle, Kaiya fired a quick send of Tacos for Two (V6), Pawel and our new German friend Tobias quickly sent the Smell and Jareds Roof Stand, both V8 and Tacos in a couple of goes. Anthony and I struggled that day, neither of us could send our projects, me on Columbian Bowtie and the Bagpiper, Anthony on Green in the Face and Golden Chandelier.

Here is Pawel on the lip traverse of Tacos for Two

Ibex was an amazing experience, Kaiya and I had never been there before, so it was even more impressive in that regard. I had a pretty good weekend, the White Arete, Meat and Potatoes, Bruce Lee and Fister. Mike McClure sent all of those also, and with a last minute beta change sent The Bone Collector (V11). Tammy and Kaiya both sent Tranced out and Dreaming, a powerful V6 with a long first move from a pinch to a sloping pocket. Tammy sticks that move here.

Tammy McClure working Ju (V7) on the Red Monster boulder

Kaiya on Blue Flowers on the Red Monster

On Tuesday of this week, Kaiya and I went out to Little Cottonwood for an after work session. With the time change, I now have alsomt 5 hours of daylight to climb after I get off work. We ran into some people that we know from the Front and had a nice session till about dark at the Secret Garden. After some warmups on the back of the All Thumbs boulder, Kaiya set to work on Lance's Dihedral, a really cool V6 that climbs on slopers and heel hooks up a dihedral.

After some work on Lance's, I headed up to Bully and managed to finally send after falling off the same move for 3 days. Our friend Tim was working Lance's Scary (V7) coming very close to sticking the big move, he should send next time out.

Kaiya is psyched to head back out there for the Dihedral, and the stand start to Shingles, which as the sun was setting saw some amazing colors that I attempted to capture. The real thing was spectacular, here is Kaiya throwing for the jug pinch on Shingles.

Other photos of the day, Nathan on Lance's Dihedral and his girlfriend China on Shingles.

The sun setting on the end of a great session.