Thursday, October 1, 2009

TumTum Guide

I have finally finished the long awaited guide to TumTum Bouldering...just still don't really know how to publish it to the web on the blog so if you want a copy let me know and I can email it to anyone who wants one. Its all in pdf format so it works with area computers. Might be able to get Mike McClure to post it on for a downloadable version too, working on that. anyways, its done for whoever wants one...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Moab Photos

Above are the promised photos from Big Bend in Moab, Utah. We escaped the shite weather of RMNP for a couple of days and jetted down to Moab to get bouted on problems well below our consistent flash level....quite humbling. Anyways, here they are, hopefully get some video of some sends at Rocky soon and cross your fingers the TumTum guide will be done by weeks end!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update from RMNP

Been at Rocky Mountain National Park now for 2 climbing was a rest day. The first day we went up to Emerald Lake and checked it out, I did the Kind, and some other stuff that with no guide was unnamed and unrated. Worked on Whispers of Wisdom, a V10/11 that is awesome squeezy heel hooky fun with a 35' tall slab topout. Kaiya adjusted to the altitude and prepared to climb the next day. LOWER CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The most amazing place for a boulderer, hard problems galore. Kaiya is working Geeks of the Industry and Potato Chip, two V7's that are almost perfect boulder problems...she should have a sendfest tomorrow. I almost did Bush Pilot on my first go post "using all the wrong holds to start and making it V13" near mantrum session. Moab photos will come soon, we were finishing up a guide to TumTum Bouldering all day so no time for photo uploading. Got Mike McClure's video camera now so little vids of some sending should follow. Catch you on the next rest day!!

Mike McClure recently added this blog to his website,, as a feature for the duration of our trip. Be sure to check out his site it is awesome.