Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weddings, Projects, and Lil' bit of sending

Tammy and Mike finally got married. Can't really call it an onsight, but a flash could be given (rehearsal blows the onsight I hear) seeing as how they both performed flawless. Went down to Boise, ID on Thursday to boulder and attend the festivities for the weekend. Had a pretty sick night session with McClure, sent Ride the Lightning (V9) at Reynold's Creek in 5 goes, did some really cool easier stuff on the Peaches boulder too. Catalysis is one of the coolest lines I have seen down there yet, just over vertical granite, the only scars on the entire face are a few spread out micro crimps just big enough to link through. Nice little bit of bouldering to keep the mind from going crazy over the next two days. Super psyched to climb with Mike, always a huge motivator for me...good psyche and always just stoked to go out and climb.

Also got to stop in Riggins for a day and do some bouldering. Riggins aahhhh Riggins. So many projects. Over the last couple of years, I have managed to climb my way to having nothing but hard projects to work on, coincidentally the sending is fairly sporadic, while the frustration is more consistent. The photo is of me on the Golden Face (V12 or 8A+). Mike McClure first did this problem, a beautiful and asthetic line on a huge boulder at the Ruby Rapids three years ago and called it V11. He will be happy to know that for once, his FA is getting uprated, as it is by far harder than any of the other problems that I have done near the grade. The problem consists of a start that is 2 easy moves, then you make a tenuous move to a crimp that resembles half of a pencil, get your feet up and throw your left hand to another crimp that is about a small half pad. All the while with halfway shit for feet. Psyched though, last years high point was reached again today, even with virtually no bouldering GRRRRR. So next weekend we will see how it pans out. Peace for now, and Organic pads rule!!!! Shameless

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Tammy and Mike said...

update this shit man! I'm having climbing site withdrawals...thanks for being in the wedding by the way