Monday, March 9, 2009

Palouse Climbing Fest!!!

This weekend, March 6 and 7 was the Palouse Climbing Festival, a weekend filled with yelling a screaming, dynoing for $20 bills, 5.13/12b routes, a lot of psyche, hours of work and one damn good slide show from world renowned photographer Nathan Smith. Check out Nathan's website

Mike McClure and Randy Hill visited from Boise, Idaho to set all of the fabulous routes and problems from the weekend, many thanks to them for their work and effort. Everyone send Mike a get well card, he tore a tendon pulley and will now return to climbing once I have a hard project that he can out Riggins.

I will get the results of the comp up today or tomorrow, as I am frantically studying and trying to prepare for a trip to Bishop at the end of the week. Sifting through photos too, and I will get some of them up, as well as a link to the vid of the comp as soon as that is done. For now, you can check out the last one, sans tunes due to some copyright incident, at the UI Outdoor program site:

Cheers, happy climbing!!

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Kaiya said...

you don't even mention you got 1st?