Monday, April 6, 2009

Tum Tum Part Uno

Conrad sticks the second move of The Corridor and needs a brighter colored shirt...

Squamish-esque setting on a south facing hillside just past Deep Creek right outside of Spokane...yes there are super high quality boulders there, and that's were Kaiya and I, along with Jeff Crawford (local area developer and world class math teacher) all weekend. Scrubbing boulders and doing new stuff. There is a ton of potential there, and my mission is to get people up there and to do a lot of climbing. Kaiya and I put up 7 new problems this weekend, al of which are great climbs, with good landings on solid rock. There are about 10 or so established lines there, mostly done by Johnny Goicoechea and Dmitry Kalishnikov. I did most of those the first day, and then started looking at other new stuff. The amount of rock there is amazing, and with little cleaning most of is pretty solid.
Kaiya on an unnamed slopey V5
Got my eye on some super sick projects, a 20 foot or so tall roof crack, and a full-on horizontal roof flake that bellies out and tops out at about 35 feet or weekend. For the time being, here are some photos and a video (now go easy on me, its my first time and i know its probably shit...)
Crawford on The Corridor V9

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Anonymous said...

Nice Little Bro! Wish we had driven by to see you.....Have fun up there on those beautiful boulders.