Saturday, August 15, 2009


first an apology to all of you in internetdom, this blog post marks the 4th time i have used the internet since May 17th...I know that McClure and Jessen are dying, I don't constantly update my inhale/exhale patterns online. Anyways, been working 50-80 hours a week all summer, many sidejobs are done, money is made and there are now 13, yes only 13 days til Kaiyaka and I leave for the road Italian and a Jew touring the climbing of the American west. In climbing related news, I sent a hyper sick V5 in Reynolds Creek, ID and am in top shape so the trip should be great.

For anyone who may want to meet in an certian area or climb for a few days with us our relative plans are thus: Leavenworth WA for a week at the end of Aug/beginning of Sept, then off to Jackson Wyoming for some alpine bouldering and a look from afar at the Grand Teton (I've gone on hikes before...)then through to RMNP and Mt Evans and Estes Park areas, Rifle and that is pretty much rounding out the month of Sept. October will be spent in Utah, going south as the month progresses, so LCC, Logan Canyon, American Fork, Ibex, Joes and Saint George area. A stop in Salt Lake to visit world renown climbing photog Nathan Smith and hopefully a tour of Uintas in Utah as well.

On to November and the real objective of the trip, a big wall in Yosemite. I think Astroman will suffice, so haha had ya going. Bouldering in the Valley and Bishop, and then reservations in Hueco start on December 4th, and a 2 on 1 off 2 on 2 off pattern for a month. I have 3-5 reservations per day so if you are in the area and want in on that get ahold of me. Other than that no real news, but stay tuned for some shots from Lenville from tomorrow morning and then in 2 weeks Leavenworth and some photos of Kaiya sending The Sheild, a v7 that she came really close on last time. Look for the new Organic pad, its pretty sick, and a shout to Superior Floors in Moscow, they hooked us up with some carpet to cover the new bed with!!!

Peace out and happy climbing.


Tammy and Mike said...


Josh said...

Sounds like quite the trip. Hopefully I can catch up with you in Utah sometime. Once again, I'll be home the whole month of November (wedding & bachelor party). Cah't wait to send some shit.

Mike B said...

yeah, pretty psyched, 4 more days of work now and we are off!! Utah sounds great man, would be your first trip to Joes right??

Josh said...

yup, first trip to Joes, kinda psyched