Thursday, September 24, 2009


It's Kaiya typing for a little bit of a change...We left Jackson Monday morning and headed to Rocky Mountain National Park with high hopes of good weather and hard sends. Garnet Canyon did not happen because the weather turned bad in the afternoon. We spent the afternoon hiking around Jenny Lake instead with Mike's sister Nancy.

Woke up Tuesday morning and it was freezing at Rocky. Some snow on the ground and it looked like there was going to be more on its way. We waited until Wednesday for the weather to get better and it kept getting worse. Boulder Canyon was a possibility but there was a fine mist in the air and of course started to rain as well later on. It was time to head for warm, dry weather.

Spent an evening in Rifle. Awesome place but neither of us are in much route shape right now. Mike onsighted a 12a (family affair?...don't have the guidebook handy) and I almost got my butt up a 10b. A bit pathetic on my part. We plan on coming back sometime when we can spend a week there and are in a bit better shape for routes.

Continued on the road to Moab, UT. We spent the morning climbing at the Big Bend boulders. Mike did Circus Trick (v4) and I attempted it as well. Might have to put another session in tonight, awesome moves! Don't expect to climb anything super hard here, area is a bit sandbagged. Putting in a night session tonight and hope to get some sweet pics to post soon!

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