Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Joe's Photos and finally some vids!

Now in Joe's 2 1/2 weeks, the crushing has finally begun! Sends are flying around left and right and I, in all of my amazing abilities with Adobe Premier am barely able to keep up with making videos and not tearing out all of my hair.

Kaiya on Geeks of the Industry from RMNP is finally done and as soon as Vimeo decides to let me have it, I will post that ASAP. I put together some vid of me on an FA called the Hebrew Method, and a 4 go send via campusing and yelling of the Skeleton Key, a V11 that Mike McClure is going to flash when he arrives.

Yesterday Kaiya had one of her best days of climbing yet. A short trip up to New Joe's with Josh Vale and I to show him around and for Kaiya to work on her project there, Chips. A pretty powerful V7 that starts on sloping underclings, amazing cross move to a good crimp, her nemesis the toe hook and then a double bump with the left hand sets you up for a fight or flight move. Step the left foot up and throw with the right hand to catch a 1 1/2 pad flat jug. Kicking and screaming ensued on the first few goes as she ripped off the jug in the high 30 degree temps.... good sending. Next go, no yelling, looking smooth, Kaiya hung on for the big barn door and topped out her 5th V7 this year!! Icing on the cake was a 15 minute send of Phoney Baloney, a slopey V6 next to Freak at Area 51. Props Kaiya, good sending.

Josh Vale has been with us here for a few days of climbing now, and he has been building up a pretty good tick list already: Playmate of the Year, Bring the Heat, Worst Case Scenario, G2-07, Allergic to Happyness and is working Worm Turns and Eden now.

I have found the most amazing rock climb ever, and Masterpiece is about the only thing I still want to do here for the time being. I am still so illiterate when it comes to computers that I have yet to make a video work with no errors and compress alas, no vids yet but I promise they are on the way with the help of Conrad "don't call me Joben" Piper -Ruth. Till then photos are all I can muster...

Bishop is on the horizon in a week or so, and Kaiya's favorite place in all the western US for climbing will recieve its yearly working over from her crimp seeking hands. On the list is Yayio, High Plains Drifter, Jedi Mind Tricks, Strength in Numbers and a ton of other stuff as well as a few goes on Soulslinger...V9 in the future??? I think so!!

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