Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back in Joe's Valley...for a few More Days

After an exodus from the skin tearing granite of Bishop, Kaiya and I started to send once again in the Shangri-La of Joe's Valley. I managed to send some more problems in the 10-12 range, including the 3rd ascent of Kill List, the 2nd of Dunkin' Donuts, and I made the FA of an amazing problem called the Black Dahlia, a V10 that would be a contender for the best problem in Joe's Valley...

Kaiya has also been on a tear, since we returned she has ticked a V6, 7, and 2 V8's: Sunshine Daydream and Dark Continent. Darryl Dodson and Claire Hayati, our two friends that we met here and quickly became climbing partners with have also been sending, Claire sent her first V7, Runt on the small one near the UMWA boulder on the right fork. Darryl is currently working on the Vegas Project, a V10/11 that broke and is now nearing the 13/14 range and very, very reachy. I can't span the holds to do the first move...He is headed out tomorrow to do Hydrogenated Oils and the sit to Beyond Life, a V11 and 12 respectively. The first video is of Kaiya on Dark Continent and Arthur Debowski, a friend from Spokane, climbing the Kraken, a 30 foot V5 near Raiden on the left fork. Two days from now, we are headed out to Flagstaff, AZ to find somewhere to live in January, and then to HUECO BABY!!!!!!


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