Monday, January 25, 2010

SLC, Shoveling off boulders

Still jobless...I worked one day with quite possibly the 3 dumbest people ever to grace the framing industry. Marty's grandma would definitely not approve. Our place is almost complete, still having the wall to wall carpet is sweet!! Mike and Tammy McClure called the other day randomly, plane from SLC to Boise was delayed an extra 3 hours so we picked them up and hung out for a bit, showed them the new home base. Kaiya and I went up to Little Cottonwood the other day, and made $20 giving some skiers a ride from the lower parking to the mountain...not a bad day. I figured out that to climb up there right now requires a shovel and a broom and the reward is awesome friction. we will see if i can con Kaiya into going out tomorrow, I don't know if there are enough handwarmers in the car though.

for now, you will have to just check out these photos of the new place, hopefully some climbing ones to come...

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