Monday, August 23, 2010

Rocky, Lincoln Lake and the Fall

The beautiful view of Lincoln Lake aka Wolverineland at 12000 feet

Matt Fultz and I concluded our trip to Colorado with a day at Lincoln Lake, an area high in the Mt. Evans/Arapaho Forest area southwest of Boulder, and a final day at the Park. Catching almost perfect weather save one rainy day, we both managed to send some things we wanted to and also fail on others, leaving projects for another time.

As has become a certainty, I captured some moments of people's try hard and was left with none of my own, but here are the best of the photos that I took while milling about waiting for MY time to shine.

Ryan Young, Skipper Roof

A butterfly on my shorts

Matt Fultz, Top Notch

Top Notch

With school starting, I am embarking on a mission to finish my geology degree in as few semesters as possible...and climb at the same time. As always, training for trips that I take and using the trips as training for the coming season in Idaho. Five big projects loom in front of me, one I have tried for three years, another I have yet to try and still know is hard. Juggling climbing, training, school and a new job as the head coach of the climbing teams at the Front will be a difficult task, and I am prepared to be busy for the next few months as I make time for everything to be done to the fullest of my abilities.

For now, this last photo of Lincoln Lake at dark before we hiked out(and had the subsequent near heart-attack) last Friday night will have to tide you over until I go to the Sawtooths to try and send a project this weekend.

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